Thirty4/7 Communications joins National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA)

Thirty4/7 Communications is pleased to have confirmed its membership with the National Infrastructure Planning Association (NIPA).

NIPA was established in November 2010 with the aim of bringing together individuals and organisations involved in the planning and authorisation of major infrastructure projects. Its principal focus is the planning and authorisation regime for nationally significant infrastructure projects introduced by the Planning Act 2008.

With significant understanding and experience of working with clients across the energy and infrastructure sectors, the Thirty4/7 Communications team is looking forward to supporting NIPA as it contributes to industry discussion, develops best practice, and formulates responses to emerging policy.

Community and stakeholder engagement undertaken through a robust and carefully crafted consultation programme is a vital work-stream for nationally significant infrastructure projects. Without a sound approach to consultation and communication, there is a significant risk that an application would not be accepted by the Planning Inspectorate.

Further information about Thirty4/7 Communications and its service offering can be found here.

Further information about NIPA and its purpose can be found here.