Wales: National Development Framework laid in Senedd

After a delay due to Covid-19, the revised National Development Framework (NDF) document has been published and laid in the Senedd. A new document - the Working Draft NDF Document: September 2020 Version is available for review ahead of its consideration by ministers and Members of the Senedd over the next 60 days.

Onshore Wind and Solar

There is still very much a focus on the importance of renewable technologies and the place they hold in Wales' future.

Tweaks to the wording of the draft document have also addressed some issues with approach to strategic development of renewable energy sites for onshore wind and solar. There are no longer references to the strategic search priority areas and the traffic light system showing how certain projects will be dealt with in certain locations has not made it into the latest draft - all positives in the eyes of industry.

Emphasis is now on promoting the benefits of developing renewable energy schemes in 'pre-assessed areas', but without the presumption that seeking to develop outside these areas would be looked upon unfavourably, so long as all the necessary considerations and planning hurdles are accounted for.

This is still early days, and given the nature of the documents' purpose, still very much a high level strategy. The document also notes that "Further guidance on the development of on-shore wind will be produced to assist in the development process. The implementation of development will be monitored against the Welsh Government’s renewable energy targets."

No doubt further details and analysis will be released over coming weeks, but it is clear that Welsh Government seeks to remain as a leader int he development of renewable technologies and to place this at the centre of its long term strategic planning policy.

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